Budapest Airport Terminals: Terminal 2A, Terminal 2B and SkyCourt

Terminals Ferihegy airport has two main terminals T1 and T2. Currently T1 is temporarily closed and it’s only operative T2. The airport has also a smaller terminal for general aviation flights.


The older Terminal 1 is located far away and must be reached by bus. From the city center, Terminal 1 can be reached by MÁV train directly and Terminal 2 is served by BKV bus.


Terminal 2

Transfer between terminals 2A and 2B can be made on foot. The terminal is a bit far away than Terminal 2 to the city center and passengers may pick up some transportation method to reach the train station or the metro.


Terminal 2A

It is the Schengen terminal. Its check in hall serves all Skyteam and Star Alliance member airlines currently. Within its boarding area (Gates A1-A19) and arrivals level, it serves all flights to and from the Schengen-zone destinations of any airline. After the security check at departures, it is located the hall of SkyCourt. To proceed to Gates "A" there's no further control.


Terminal 2B

It is the non-Schengen terminal. Its check-in hall serves all flights of the OneWorld-alliance (intra- and extra-Schengen as well), as well as many other non-aligned airlines. But its boarding area (Gates B1-B19) and arrivals level are serving the non-Schengen destinations of any airline. After the security check, passengers can spend their time in SkyCourt's hall, and then proceed to the boarding area (Gates B1-B19) through the passport control. Within the boarding area there are further shops and a money exchange as well.


Sky Court between Terminal 2A and 2B

It is the newest state-of-the-art building between the 2A and 2B terminals with 5 levels. Passenger safety checks are located here along with baggage classifiers and Malév and SkyTeam business lounges, among others services.


New shops, restaurants and cafés are placed in the new building's transit hall, for example a Duty Free Shop, Hungarian wine and food shop, Costa Café, Frey Wille, KFC, Burger King, Hippopotamus restaurant and a Gundel Bistro, affiliate of the famous Hungarian haute-cuisine restaurant in the city center. With the opening of Skycourt, Terminal 2 has become capable of receiving about 11 million passengers a year.


Terminal 1 is currently closed